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St Margaret's-at-Cliffe Primary School

St Margaret's-at-Cliffe Primary School



We follow an integrated phonics and reading programme: Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised.

The programme has been organised so that children are taught letters and sounds progressively and systematically.  Children learn how to say phonic sounds, how to blend sounds to read words and to read sounds in words and books.  Children learn to read as quickly as possible so that they can move from learning to read, to reading to learn, giving them access to the treasure house of reading.

Reading Scheme

Reading is the door to creativity, to visualisation and to greater knowledge; it is the gateway to fantastic, impossible realms, planets and worlds. Research tells us that children who read for pleasure on a daily basis develop a wider vocabulary, greater general knowledge and a far better understanding of other cultures. It is perhaps one of the single most important factors in a child’s development. Naturally, we therefore believe that it is every child’s right to learn to read, but we hope that our children go far beyond this to develop a true love and pleasure for reading.

Our teaching team are enthusiastic reading roles models who demonstrate and encourage a love for reading, children have access to a wide variety of reading materials through class reading areas, and the carefully selected model texts used in the teaching of English.  Children have books read to them daily in classes as well as a weekly whole school story assembly.  We share a dedicated reading for pleasure time every day, and encourage reading a wide range of different genres.

Our Subject Leaders are as follows:-

English: Mrs L Wallis

Mathematics: Mrs R Collins

Science: Mr J Oliver

Art : Mrs L Wallis

Computing: Mr J Oliver

Design Technology : Mrs C Fairhurst

Geography : 

History : Mrs C Hoile

Languages: Mrs R Hindle

Music: Mrs R Collins

Physical Education and Swimming : Miss L Brett

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education: Mrs G Geere

Religious Education: MrsG Geere