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St Margaret's-at-Cliffe Primary School

St Margaret's-at-Cliffe Primary School

School Information

We want St Margaret's-at-Cliffe Primary School to be a welcoming place where there is a clear sense of purpose, shared by everyone involved with the School.

We would like all concerned to be proud of the School and to feel a real sense of belonging. We believe that all relationships should be built on mutual trust and that there must be equality of opportunity.

We believe that children have a fundamental right to learn and teachers a right to teach; good discipline is therefore essential. Central to our goals are high expectations in all spheres of school life. We constantly strive to raise standards and work hard to ensure that every child fulfils their potential.

We believe that confidence is at the heart of success and that it is important to recognise the range of experiences that children bring to school. We know that children thrive on praise and encouragement and always try to acknowledge their achievements. We believe that happy children learn more effectively. It is important to chart the progress that children make as they move through the school and to use this information to improve the quality of teaching and learning. We want children to enjoy their time at school, to work hard and to become life-long learners. We believe that children can achieve well whatever their ability.

We also recognise that many children need additional help at some point in their school lives. We aim to identify children’s needs quickly and to act swiftly because we believe that early intervention is essential. We also recognise that parents need to be kept informed and involved.

We believe that the curriculum should be broad and balanced. We endeavour to deliver a curriculum that the children will find exciting, challenging and fulfilling. This enables children to develop enquiring minds and the ability to question, reason and communicate.

Staff are committed and valued. They support each other and work together as a team. They want children to succeed.

The Governing Body are knowledgeable about the School and are keen to be involved. They are forward-looking and support the School in always working to improve.

We aim to develop even closer links with the community. We recognise that education is a continuous and life-long process and that the School plays a vital role in the local community.

Finally, we believe that partnership between school and home is crucial to success. We greatly value support from parents and carers and know that good communication between home and school is essential. If by the time children leave St Margaret's-at-Cliffe we have given every child the opportunity to develop to their full potential and to become an effective, caring member of society, we will have achieved these aims.