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St Margaret's-at-Cliffe Primary School

St Margaret's-at-Cliffe Primary School

Who's Who


Executive Headteacher:

Ms H Comfort (B.A. Ed.Hons, NPQH)


Appointed: September 2004

Head of School/AENCO :

Mrs R Hindle (B.A. Hons/PGCE, MA)


Appointed: September 2006

AENCO : Mrs K Lavender (B.Ed Hons) Appointed: May 2022
Class R: Mrs R Collins (B.Ed Hons, NPQML) Appointed: September 2013
Class 1: Mrs C Hoile (B.A. Hons) Appointed: September 2012
Class 2: Mrs G Geere (BA/PGCE) Appointed: September 2018
Class 3: Mrs L Wallis (BA/BSc Hons, NPQML) Appointed: September 2008

Class 4: Mrs K Byatt (BA/PGCE)

Mrs C Fairhurst  (BSc. Hons)

Appointed: May 2022

Appointed: January 2016

Class 5: Mr J Oliver (Bsc Hons, PGCE) Appointed: September 2010
Class 6: Miss L Brett (B.A. Hons) Appointed: September 2019
Business Manager: Mrs L Windsor Appointed : September 2013
School Secretary: Mrs N Eales Appointed: September 2013
Admin Assistant: Mrs D Brown Appointed: January 2022

Teaching Assistants:

Miss T Allan Appointed: April 2021
Mrs S Bennett Appointed: November 2021
Ms K Cameron Appointed : November 2021 
Mrs R Comlay Appointed: September 2020
Mrs N Cross Appointed: September 2020
Mrs A Gibbs Appointed: January 2022
Mrs A Griffiths Appointed: May 2018
Ms E Harkins Appointed: September 2008
Mrs A Hollowday Appointed: September 2007
Mrs N Kukaj Appointed: September 2020
Mrs S Morris Appointed: September 2020
Mrs R Saynor Appointed: January 2015
Mrs A Spelzini Appointed: June 2021
Ms M Trevor Appointed: October 2010
Mrs C Woodward Appointed: May 2018

Site Manager: 

Mr R Collins


Appointed: February 2022 

   School Cleaners:

Mrs L Morley Appointed: April 2022
Midday Supervisors:  
Mrs V Howlett Appointed: October 1994
Mrs J Jull Appointed: March 1995
Mrs L Claringbould Appointed: September 2021
Ms C Lovett Appointed: May 2022
Childcare Service Supervisors:  
Miss T Allan Appointed: April 2021
Miss M Robinson-Stevens Appointed: April 2022
Mrs J Maytum Appointed: November 2021
Mrs S Mills Appointed: September 2021